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The bestseller in analytical balances, with high-quality single-cell weighing system, also with EC type approval [M] • Only ABJ-NM: Automatic internal adjustment • Automatic data output to the PC/printer each time the balance has obtained a stable weighing result. • High-stability mode and other filter settings can be selected.

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BOD System Sensor 6

The BOD sensor is innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). Easy to handle, quick and easy to read. A microprocessor-controlled pressure transducer transfers the BOD value directly to the display: results are displayed directly in mg/l with no need for further calculation. Manufactured with premium materials, it automatically stores 5 BOD measurements at 24-hour intervals meaning that analysis can continue over the weekend. The BOD value can also be obtained directly from the display at any time, even after five days.

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